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LTLighting has partnered with Aier Ehope Eye Hospital

From May 10, 2017, LTLighting has partnered with Aier Ehope Eye Hospital and launched the LXON LED Table Lights in their 21 selling points of eyeglasses shops and optical centers, letting more local students and residents protect their eyes in a safe and professional manner.
This cooperation has won the support of the EHOPE management and ophthalmologists. They acknowledge the technology of our patented zero-level-blue-light-hazard light source invention and application, and appreciate the benefit it brings in protection the human vision, hoping that more people will realize the importance of protecting their eyes, just like the promo says: Eye protection should start from using healthy light!
The first debut includes our most popular Pen Holder Table Light and Model 001 Table Light that has achieved more than RMB300,000 sales on the JD online platform in 2016.
Aier Ehope Eye Hospital has 21 eyeglasses shops and optical centers which are mainly distributed in Guangdong Xinhui and Jiangmen, aiming to service students and people who need visual inspection and eyeglasses; after partial transformation of the outlets using the sharp green and wooden pattern of the LXON brand on the showcase background, the table lamps stand out more from the eyeglasses around, making it easy for the professional sales staff to promote it to the customers who will understand more the uniqueness of our table lamps. Both parties are highly confident with the future development of the table lamp business.

Jiangmen Central Plaza shop

Jiangmen Yucca Hotel shop

Jiangmen Xin Cheng shop


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